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Niank Sharma

Lead Singer

"I was a complete stranger to music when I first picked up the guitar, aged 15. Fast forward three years and we (kartikeye and I) formed Broken Echoes to start posting covers of songs from our favourite artists. Another three years and we'd written and released several originals, played gigs and had a couple of our songs featured in a Web Series. All this while being thousands of miles away from each other, juggling academics (I still study at the University of Bristol) and work along with our pursuits in music.


It has, in no way, been easy, yet if there's anything I'm certain of I shall carry into the future, it's this band. For to me, it represents a lot more than just music. It represents our friendship, and more importantly, the incredible journey it has been and what it shall be."

- Niank 


Kartikeye Ojha

Lead Guitarist

"Coming from a musician’s family, music has always been around me. Yet, throughout my school years, I never thought of choosing music as a career. I would play the guitar in my free time, trying to figure out stuff without taking any formal training. With time, my skills improved, and having gained some confidence in my abilities, I started playing small gigs around town. Back then I was oblivious to the fact that, in a matter of a few years, I would form a band and start writing original music with my best friend (Niank). 

To me, Broken Echoes is not just a band. It’s a way of expressing my emotions and giving meaning to my music!"

- Kartikeye

Our Friends

Atharva Kulkarni


Coming from Nagpur, Atharva has been a stage performer since the young age of 12! From watching musicians play the keyboard to now being settled in Mumbai as a full time keyboardist and producer, he has had quite a bit of a musical journey. He is a power packed performer and does not fail to bring an unique addition to the band with every performance. Atharva has been a part of the band since 2022.

"Playing with Broken Echoes has musically been a very new experience for me. Every jam and performance with them has taught me new things to explore and grow as a musician."

- Atharva


Pranshu Jha

Sound Engineer

A self taught music producer and sound engineer, hailing from a small town. He is currently based in Mumbai. Pranshu has learned by watching some really good people work. He started his journey with scoring for Indian TV daily soaps and Web Series. He has worked with several renowned composers for the same. Pranshu has also worked on various songs with some of finest artists of the Indian music scene. He mixed and mastered 'Meant to Last' & 'Lonely (Covid -19)' for Broken Echoes.


"Broken Echoes isn't just a band, it's family for me!"

- Pranshu


Surel Ingale


A graduate from the prestigious Musicians Institute, Surel Ingale is a pianist, music producer and film composer from Mumbai. Having worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry, he has steadily built a great repertoire of music which includes work for films, advertisements, live shows and other independent projects. Surel has been a part of the band since 2017, playing live. 

“Broken echoes has always been more than just a band that I play with. I'm great friends with the band members and its this friendship that makes working with them a very smooth ride indeed ! “

- Surel


Hriday Jain


A passionate, professional drummer and Audio engineer currently based in Los Angeles, originally from Mumbai, India. Hriday is a graduate of Musicians Institute, Hollywood. He's been playing live with Broken Echoes since 2018.

"I’ve been a part of Broken Echoes since 2018 and love the bonding"

- Hriday


Gaurish Bhadekar


Gaurish is a session & touring drummer from Mumbai. He started drumming at the age of 17 and has played in many bands since. His first gig was at one of the college festivals and he has never looked back since. He draws inspiration from drummers like Chad Smith, Steve Judd, Luke Holland to name a few. He's been playing live with Broken Echoes since 2019.

"I have been jamming with the band since June 2019 and played gigs with them. The boys keep challenging me with various percussive requirements and it has been a great learning experience for me!'

- Gaurish


Aashay Khot

Bass Guitar

Aashay has been playing various instruments since the age of 6, but the day he picked up the bass, everything else became secondary. He has been a part of the band since 2022.


"As the youngest member of the band, I’ve got a lot to learn from these guys. I am super super excited to go on this journey with them!"



Sachin Gupta

Sound Engineer

Guitarist for the duo/band 'Beyond Myths', also working as a freelance Mixing and Mastering Engineer. Sachin's music is heavily influenced by rock and metal music. Sachin has beautifully mixed & mastered 'Towers' for Broken Echoes. 

"Its so much more fun to work with artists when they're also your friends"

- Sachin 

IMG_0985 (1).jpg

Jay Karia


Jay has been playing the drums since the age of 11. After completing and receiving certification for all 9 grades of Trinity Rock & Pop, he started his journey as a live performer. Drumming has always been his passion and he does justice to it with passionate performances every time he hits the stage.

"Broken Echoes is a band full of talented artists who have teach me something new everyday! I've broadened my knowledge and skills playing with the band. I'm glad to be a part of it!"

- Jay


Dony Hazarika 

Sound Engineer

Dony started his career as a Composer and Programmer in the year 1995 and has sailed through all turbulences to etch out a position for him in the world of music. He has worked with one of the finest musicians of the Indian music scene. Dony mixed & mastered the Broken Echoes debut single 'Captured', and 'Why Don't We' for the band. 

"Both their voices have their distinctive characters, and as a mixing engineer, I experienced some interesting stuff. Their voices don't require a lot of EQ, neither a lot of compression. They are brilliant musicians."

- Dony

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